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While rideshare apps can be convenient, they may also lead directly to serious auto injuries. If an Uber or Lyft vehicle was involved in your car accident, you may be able to pursue compensation. An injury settlement or award could help you pay for your medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and other damages. While rideshare drivers are professionals, they are still capable of serious negligence behind the wheel. You can hold them accountable for failing to keep you safe – whether you were struck in your own vehicle or traveling as a passenger. To discuss your legal options in more detail, book a consultation with an Uber/Lyft accident attorney in Spring, TX by calling (936)-256-3115.

Rideshare Accident Lawyer

How Can an Uber Accident Lawyer in Spring, TX Help Me?

Spring is a suburb of Houston, and it has a population of about 65,000 people. Like many Americans, Spring residents have come to appreciate the availability and affordability of rideshare apps. Many people in Spring rely on Uber or Lyft to get home responsibly after a few too many. Rideshare apps are also helpful for seniors or disabled people who are unable to drive. In addition, Uber and Lyft have proven popular among tourists.

Unfortunately, Uber and Lyft vehicles cause numerous accidents each year in Texas. Residents who have been injured in these crashes can turn to personal injury attorneys in Spring, TX. A lawyer can help in a number of ways after a rideshare accident in Texas:

  • Consultations: An Uber accident lawyer usually starts by offering a consultation. During this initial meeting, you can discuss your accident in more detail. After describing the incident, you can also ask any questions you might have about the legal process ahead. Based on this information, your lawyer will usually recommend the most appropriate course of legal action.
  • Investigations: Your rideshare accident lawyer may investigate the circumstances of your crash in more detail. During this investigation, they may uncover evidence of negligence. They can also look into your medical details and gather evidence that highlights the severity of your injuries.
  • Negotiations: Most personal injury lawsuits end with negotiated settlements. Your lawyer may negotiate on your behalf with Uber or Lyft’s insurance representatives as they fight for your best interests. They may push back against “low-ball” settlements using logical arguments and effective evidence. If negotiations prove unsuccessful, your lawyer can continue the fight for compensation in a trial.

How Much Does a Rideshare Accident Lawyer in Spring, TX Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to hire a Lyft accident attorney in Spring, TX. Instead of paying legal fees up front, you’ll pay something called a “contingency fee” when you win your compensation. In other words, you only pay if you win your case. If your lawyer fails to deliver results, you do not have to pay them anything at all. This system ensures that even those with limited financial resources can pursue legal action against multi-billion-dollar corporations like Uber and Lyft.

Top Causes of Rideshare Accidents in Spring, TX

In many ways, rideshare accidents are the same as normal car accidents. They occur under the same basic circumstances, and they result in the same injuries. However, Uber and Lyft accidents may be caused by specific hazards not seen in other crashes:

  • Distraction: Many Uber and Lyft drivers struggle with serious distractions behind the wheel. These professional drivers must keep a watchful eye on their smartphones or screens for various alerts and notifications. If they do not constantly check their apps, they may lose potential fares. This leads to situations where Uber and Lyft drivers take their eyes off the road at critical moments. They may also become distracted by their passengers, especially when processing payments. With so many distractions throughout the day and night, crashes are inevitable.
  • Fatigue: Uber drivers also face long shifts. Often, these shifts take them into the night and the early morning. Although caffeine and other stimulants may keep them awake, one can only fight fatigue for so long. Numerous studies have indicated that extreme fatigue creates impairment on par with alcohol intoxication.
  • Dooring: A “dooring” incident occurs when an Uber passenger flings open the vehicle door – straight into the path of a passing cyclist. These accidents can eject the cyclist from their bike, causing serious or fatal injuries. Often, dooring incidents occur because Uber drivers block bike lanes while dropping off or picking up passengers.
  • Unsafe Drop-Offs: Passengers also face risks when being dropped off. Sometimes, Uber drivers force passengers to get out in extremely unsafe locations. There have been documented cases of Uber drivers dropping off passengers on the side of highways.
  • Speeding: A rideshare driver’s income depends entirely on how many trips they can make in a single shift. By speeding, the Uber driver can theoretically pick up more fares per shift. However, speeding also increases the chances of an accident.

Can I File an Injury Claim as a Rideshare Passenger in Texas?

If you were injured as a passenger while riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, you can file an injury claim. In this situation, you could potentially file your claim against a few different parties. First, you could sue the rideshare driver for causing your accident. Perhaps they committed some kind of traffic infraction that caused the collision. Alternatively, you could sue another driver who caused the collision. Your rideshare driver may have done nothing wrong, and you may have been struck by another negligent driver.

You could also sue multiple parties for the same crash. For example, both your Uber driver and another negligent driver may have been responsible for the collision. Your Uber driver might have run a red light before being struck by a drunk driver. In this case, both drivers – and Uber itself – could be liable.

What If I Got Into an Accident with an Uber Driver in Texas?

If you were driving your own vehicle and you were involved in an accident with an Uber vehicle, you could sue. To file an injury claim, you will need to show that the Uber driver caused your accident. Texas is an “at-fault” state, which means you must show that someone else’s negligence led to your accident if you want to pursue compensation for your injuries.

For example, the Uber driver might have veered into your lane without signaling. Perhaps they merged onto I-45 improperly, causing a highway crash. Perhaps they cut you off, forcing you to swerve off the road and into a tree. Whatever the case may be, you must prove that they were to blame for your accident. A Lyft accident lawyer in Spring, TX can help you prove that the driver caused your accident.

It may be possible to sue even if you partially caused the collision with the Uber vehicle. In Texas, you can file a claim if you were no more than 50% at fault for the crash. For example, you might have forgotten to signal before switching lanes. If you were subsequently struck by a drunk Uber driver breaking the speed limit, you might only be 10% at fault for the crash. Although you would still can sue in this situation, you would receive 10% less than your normal compensation. In other words, your compensation lowers based on your level of fault.

Can You File an Injury Claim After a “Near-Miss?”

You can file an injury claim even if you do not make direct contact with an Uber vehicle. A “near-miss” can be just as dangerous as a collision. For example, an Uber vehicle might suddenly emerge from a driveway and cut across your path. To avoid a collision, you might swerve off the road and smash into the side of a building. In this situation, the Uber driver would still be at fault for your injuries – even if they never contacted your vehicle.

Should I Sue the Driver or the Rideshare Company?

After a crash that was obviously caused by a negligent Uber driver, your first instinct might be to sue them directly. However, it is usually best to sue the underlying rideshare platform instead of the driver. If you sue Uber or Lyft, it should be easier to recover full compensation for your various damages. These major companies have extensive insurance policies that can cover your full range of damages. In contrast, an individual Uber driver may have low liability limits on their own auto insurance policy. You could sue them directly, but the average Uber driver is unlikely to have millions of dollars in assets to pay for permanent disabilities and a lifetime of missed wages.

In many cases, their auto insurance fails to cover your injuries. All commercial drivers must get special insurance for commercial operations in Texas. Examples include truckers, taxi drivers, and of course rideshare drivers. However, commercial driving insurance is more expensive than an auto insurance policy for an average citizen. Because of these added costs and complexities, many Uber drivers fail to secure the proper insurance policies. As a result, their personal insurance policy may be invalid in the event of a crash.

Suing the underlying platform makes more sense, but it is a complex process. Uber and Lyft have different “tiers” or layers of insurance that apply depending on the circumstances of the accident. If the Uber driver was carrying a passenger at the time of the accident, Uber’s most comprehensive insurance policy applies. If the driver is traveling to pick up a waiting fare, Uber’s lower-tier insurance policy kicks in.

If the driver was not engaged in any “work-related” activities at the time of the crash, Uber may attempt to escape liability entirely. For example, the Uber driver might have impulsively swerved toward the McDonald’s drive-thru after a sudden pang of hunger. Buying food has nothing to do with their job, and this essentially constitutes a lunch break. If they crashed into your vehicle while attempting to enter the McDonald’s drive-thru, Uber may successfully avoid liability.

An Uber accident attorney in Spring, TX can help you hold Uber or Lyft accountable – even if they attempt to dodge liability for your injuries. They may argue that their driver wasn’t engaged in work-related duties, but these claims may be false. Your lawyer can help you prove that they were “on the clock” at the time of the accident. Perhaps they were not pulling into a drive-thru at all, and they were trying to pick up a new passenger standing outside the McDonald’s.

What Damages Can I Claim in a Texas Uber Crash?

You can claim various damages after suffering injuries in a Texas Uber crash. Your priority should be to gain compensation for your medical expenses. Always get the treatment you need and try not to worry about the financial burden of seeing a doctor. If a rideshare driver caused your accident, you should receive all the compensation you need to cover your medical bills. Do not refuse or delay treatment, as you need convincing medical records to pursue an injury claim. If you fail to get treatment, your medical records will not show the severity of your injuries.

You can also claim compensation for missed wages. Even a single week of lost income can cause serious financial issues for injured Spring residents. Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or earn six figures, you deserve compensation for every cent of income you miss due to your injuries. If you suffer a permanent disability and lose the ability to work, this type of compensation is particularly important.

You can also pursue compensation for non-economic damages, which are more subjective and challenging to quantify. These damages may include emotional distress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life, among others. While these damages do not have a fixed monetary value, they can significantly impact your quality of life and overall well-being.

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