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At the Hernandez Law Firm, our personal injury lawyer in Montgomery, Texas provides customized legal representation for any of our city’s nearly 1,600 residents who have been hurt by another’s negligence in a traffic collision, boat accident, or slip and fall accident.

We believe that the at-fault party who causes our client’s injuries should be held liable for the financial compensation they need to fully recover, no matter how severe their injuries, the type of medical care they need, or the length of time they must take away from work to heal.

Our lead attorney and law firm founder, Jordan Hernandez, is dedicated to providing real-time legal solutions for our Montgomery County families, so they can plan their futures with confidence.

Our promise to our Montgomery, Texas community is, if we do not win your personal injury case, you do not pay our legal fees.

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At the Hernandez Law Firm, our Montgomery personal injury lawyer takes a compassionate approach to each client’s unique needs, because we want to hear your story and understand how your injuries have affected each part of your life, so we can build your case around each detail, and hold the liable party accountable for your financial recovery.

Our experienced personal injury attorney in Montgomery, Texas represents clients in the following practice areas:

If you have been hurt in an accident or lost a loved one to negligence, contact our skilled personal injury attorney in Conroe today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your legal rights and options today.

Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer in Montgomery, Texas

There is one reportable crash each minute across the Lone Star State, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

And while our city is smaller than most, comprising just over five square miles, Montgomery, Texas sees its share of vehicle collisions that cause severe injuries and even fatalities every year.

That is because negligence knows no bounds, and when a distracted or drunk driver is operating a vehicle, no one on our roadways is safe.

Of the 3,615 traffic fatalities that occurred in Texas last year, nearly four hundred people were killed in collisions with distracted drivers. Another 25% of all traffic fatalities involved a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.

These preventable crashes leave families reeling across the state, and our personal injury attorney in Montgomery, Texas wants to help them get justice for their losses by holding the negligent driver responsible for their financial recovery.

Experienced Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Montgomery, Texas

At the Hernandez Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers in Texas are committed to pursuing the best outcomes available for each of our clients, whether it is through a negotiated settlement or litigating their case inside the courtroom.

This is important because our severely injured clients — including those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries — need an advocate. Someone who will not stop fighting for their complete recovery needs, so they are not left paying for their medical care and lost wages out of pocket.

Unfortunately, these catastrophic injuries occur more often than most people think.

Nearly three million people across the country are medically examined, hospitalized, or killed with traumatic brain injuries each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Motor vehicle collisions account for 20% of all TBI-related hospitalizations and falls account for over 50% of the total injuries reported.

Most of these life-changing injuries are the result of negligence, including vehicle collisions caused by reckless or speeding drivers, and falls that occur on dangerous premises.

If you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury, contact our personal injury lawyer in Montgomery today to review the circumstances of your accident, so we can begin building a strong case that will allow you to focus on your recovery while we pursue the negligent party for your complete compensation needs.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Traffic Collision in Montgomery, Texas?

More than 3,600 lives were lost in traffic collisions across the state of Texas last year.

Sadly, most of those crashes were the direct result of negligence.

If you have lost a loved one in a crash with a drunk, distracted, or speeding driver, the reality of the circumstances that took their lives is physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming.

With the help of our compassionate wrongful death attorney in Montgomery, Texas, we can pursue the negligent party who caused your loss for the financial recovery you are entitled to.

In Texas, spouses, parents, and children may be eligible to pursue wrongful death claims to pursue financial recovery for funeral and burial expenses, and the compensation they need to adjust to the loss of income, benefits, care, companionship, and support their loved one provided,

At the Hernandez Law Firm, our wrongful death attorney in Montgomery wants to help you and your family take the time you need to grieve after your overwhelming loss. Seeking financial recovery from the negligent party will give you the space you need and the justice you deserve.

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Getting hurt in an accident can change your life in seconds. Losing a loved one to negligence can overwhelm your entire family. We can help you cope with the financial fallout from these circumstances by contacting our personal injury lawyer in Montgomery, Texas at the Hernandez Law Firm to discuss your needs by calling 936-256-3115 or contact us online. We can help you hold the negligent party accountable for your losses, so you can focus on getting your life back on track.

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