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At the Hernandez Law Firm, our personal injury trial lawyer in Conroe, Texas knows that many of our clients require more compensation than the insurance company is willing to provide during settlement negotiations.

Insurance companies are only interested in protecting their bottom line, even when they know their client was negligent in causing our client’s injuries.

When that is true, our lead Montgomery County personal injury attorney, and law firm founder, Jordan Hernandez, is committed to protecting our clients’ rights while pursuing the best outcome for their unique cases. And sometimes that means going to trial, instead of agreeing to a settlement that is less than our clients deserve.

Our Conroe trial attorney is committed to helping restore lives, which means fighting for everything our personal injury clients need to get their lives back on track.

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Will My Texas Personal Injury Claim Go to Trial?

Some of our personal injury clients in Conroe may feel they need to pursue a financial settlement as soon as possible for mounting debt, lost wages, and other miscellaneous expenses.

An attorney may suggest arbitration to move the process along, which requires an experienced negotiator who can reach the best outcome for their unique cases.

Our skilled personal injury attorney may pursue settlement negotiations when:

  • The negligent party’s insurance company believes that our personal injury lawsuit will succeed in court
  • The settlement we are requesting is worth the insurance company’s expense, as opposed to paying attorney’s fees and court costs
  • The settlement the insurance company is offering is fair and comparable to what the final trial award may be

If, together, our client and attorney ultimately decide against the insurance company’s final offer, we will confidently take your personal injury case to trial when:

  • The insurance company offers an exceptionally low or no settlement
  • The insurance company would prefer not to set a precedence for settling this type of personal injury lawsuit
  • The monetary amount we demand is higher than the insurance company wants to pay, but is necessary for our clients to get their lives back
  • It is important for a company or person to be held accountable for the injuries their negligence caused

If you believe your negotiations are not meeting your overall financial requirements, consult with our committed Conroe personal injury trial lawyer to discuss your needs during a free initial consultation.

Once we discover the details surrounding your personal injury, we will provide skilled legal advice on how to proceed based on our experience and commitment to pursuing the best outcome for your unique needs.

Why Choose the Hernandez Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney in Conroe, Texas to Represent Me?

At Hernandez Law Firm, we provide you with top-notch legal services, years of experience, and the personal attention you deserve from an attorney.

Our personal injury legal team will keep you updated as your case progresses and is always available to answer your questions in a timely, professional manner, as we pride ourselves on being the attorneys you can trust.

Our personal injury trial lawyer in Conroe always offers free initial consultations, and will never charge any upfront legal fees, or any fees at all if we do not produce a positive outcome for your case.

Contact our knowledgeable Conroe personal injury lawyer at the Hernandez Law Firm today by calling 936-256-3115 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation where we will listen to your complete story and present the potential legal solutions available for your unique case.


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