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A brain injury often leads to serious uncertainty about the future. In the aftermath of your accident, you might be confused or traumatized. It may be difficult to concentrate, organize your thoughts, and access your memories. Too often, these issues prevent brain injury victims from taking legal action. Assistance is available. A brain injury lawsuit in Texas can help you pursue the compensation you need to access critical treatment. A lawsuit may also provide compensation for the loss of income you encounter in the future. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – a lawsuit helps you recover damages for emotional or psychological issues associated with your brain injury.

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How Can a Brain Injury Attorney Help Me?

Many of Spring’s 64,000 residents have experienced the life-altering consequences of brain injuries firsthand. Also known simply as “TBIs,” traumatic brain injuries can occur after serious accidents caused by negligent parties. The simple truth is that most brain injuries are completely preventable. A brain injury attorney in Spring, TX can help patients and their families hold negligent parties accountable for causing or allowing these accidents.

Until just a few decades ago, doctors understood very little about brain injuries. While there is still much to learn, the medical community is making serious advances in the treatment and detection of TBIs. The future looks promising for TBI treatment, and patients today can benefit from various innovative treatment options. Unfortunately, accessing these treatments isn’t always affordable. A brain injury attorney in Spring, TX helps patients pursue the compensation they need to cover their medical bills.

Many brain injury patients attempt to pursue compensation by filing injury claims through insurers. While this is certainly a viable strategy, insurance companies often take advantage of victims – offering them pitifully low settlements. Often, TBI patients are so desperate for financial support that they accept these “low-ball offers.” A brain injury attorney in Spring, TX can help patients negotiate for fair compensation while guiding them away from low offers.

The success of a brain injury lawsuit may depend on whether you can prove someone else caused your accident. If you cannot point to a negligent at-fault third party, it may be completely impossible to receive compensation. A brain injury lawyer in Spring, TX can help you identify those who caused your injuries. They can also help you prove that these parties contributed to your accident through negligent behavior.

Short-Term Issues Associated with Brain Injuries

Serious issues may arise in the hours and days following brain injuries. It is important to identify these issues as soon as possible if you have suffered a suspected brain injury. Even in the absence of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention if there’s even a slim chance you were struck on the head. Even a slight knock can lead to very serious consequences. If you never get medical attention, it may be difficult to prove your injury ever occurred in the first place.

  • Hemorrhages: Also known as a “brain bleed,” a hemorrhage is a common and potentially fatal issue associated with brain injuries. Prompt medical attention can identify hemorrhages through medical imaging – especially CT scans. Brain bleeds can put fatal levels of pressure on your brain. Often, people collapse and die without warning due to hemorrhages that they never even noticed.
  • Comas: Within the first few days, a brain injury patient may slip into a coma. This may occur immediately after the injury occurs, and in some cases, the patient never fully recovers. In other situations, the patient may become comatose days after the accident. Some doctors believe that it is not safe to fall asleep within the first few hours of a brain injury due to the risk of coma or death.
  • Headaches: A brain injury patient may experience severe headaches within the first few days. Often, these headaches are unavoidable and relatively innocuous. However, they may also be signs of more serious issues – such as hemorrhages.
  • Nausea: The connection between the brain and the stomach is more extensive than many people realize. A brain injury can trigger intense stomach aches and nausea. Again, these may be signs of more serious issues.
  • Vision Problems: The exact symptoms after a brain injury depend on numerous factors – including the location of the impact. If the brain injury is localized in areas responsible for vision (such as the optic nerves), the patient may experience vision problems. Blurred vision is a common complaint among TBI patients.
  • Cognitive Issues: Many people complain of cognitive issues in the days and weeks after a brain injury. You may find it difficult to concentrate at work or at school. You may walk into a room to retrieve an item, only to feel completely lost once you arrive. These issues could indicate some level of brain damage.
  • Depression: TBIs are closely associated with depression. Within the first few weeks of your injury, you might feel depressed and anxious. You might have no idea why you’re feeling this way. In some ways, this makes the experience even more disturbing.
  • Sleep Issues: TBI patients frequently complain of sleep disturbances after their accidents. These issues can affect your career, your sense of well-being, and your overall health.

Long-Term Issues Associated with Brain Injuries

Long-term issues can be serious for TBI patients. These problems have the potential to permanently affect a patient’s life. It is important to pursue compensation that reflects these lasting problems when you work with a brain injury attorney in Spring, TX.

  • Behavioral Issues: Some TBI patients are never the same. This is one of the most tragic consequences of brain injuries, as behavioral issues can affect entire families. Patients may experience changes in personality and even sexuality. Some may become more socially withdrawn, while others may lose their inhibitions.
  • Neurodegenerative Disease: Examples of neurodegenerative diseases include dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Although this news may be worrying, TBI patients should understand that they are statistically more likely to develop these diseases in the future.
  • Memory Problems: Long-term memory problems are common among TBI patients. Sometimes, these patients cannot even remember how they were injured. Others permanently lose the ability to “store memories” after their accidents.
  • Hormonal Changes: Depending on the nature of the brain injury, a TBI can cause long-term hormonal changes. One issue is “adrenal insufficiency,” which can cause weight loss, low blood pressure, and severe dehydration. This issue can be fatal.
  • Psychiatric Disorders: TBIs are correlated with a variety of psychiatric disorders. These include anxiety, substance abuse, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and many others. These disorders often become permanent.
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Also known simply as “CTE,” Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a particularly serious condition linked with head injuries. Many CTE patients eventually develop dementia, and there is a high rate of suicide among these individuals.

Do Brain Injuries Get Worse with Time?

The symptoms, disorders, and issues associated with TBIs can become progressively worse with time. It is important to consider how this injury might change your life. Gradual decline is more common for those who suffer moderate to severe brain injuries. Some disorders may only appear years after the injury occurs. It may also take months or years before patients accept that they no longer have the cognitive ability to continue with their previous careers. Evidence suggests that TBI patients have shorter lifespans.

Pursuing compensation is critical if you are not sure how your brain injury will affect your life. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Pursuing maximum compensation alongside a brain injury attorney in Spring, TX ensures you have enough to cover life-changing issues when – or if – they arise. If you suddenly develop an issue like dementia or adrenal insufficiency, you will be glad you fought for the compensation necessary to cover your potential damages.

What Should I Do After a Brain Injury?

You should always seek medical treatment after a brain injury. Even if you suffered a light knock to the head, there is no harm in playing it safe. You might also struggle to remember what happened during a car crash or fall. Even if you cannot remember hitting your head, you should get tested for a potential brain injury. The fact that you cannot remember the accident is a glaring sign that you suffered a brain injury.

Prompt medical attention serves two purposes: First, it can save your life. You may not be aware of a hemorrhage, and this brain bleed may eventually put enough pressure on your brain to claim your life. Doctors can carry out a CT scan to quickly identify potential hemorrhages. They may also carry out various other tests to determine the severity of your injuries. Medical treatment helps you avoid the most serious consequences of your brain injury.

The second purpose of medical treatment is to create clear documentation of your injuries. Without this documentation, it will be challenging to prove that your injuries are legitimate. Remember, brain injuries are “invisible” to the casual observer. While a broken leg is an obvious injury, no one can look into your mind and identify issues like memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and depression.

When Can I Sue for a Brain Injury in Texas?

You can sue for a brain injury in Texas if someone else caused your accident. Negligent parties may cause your brain injuries in various situations:

  • Car Accidents: A negligent driver may have caused your brain injury. For example, a drunk driver might have veered into your lane, causing a head-on collision. Perhaps a distracted trucker rear-ended you. These situations can lead to auto accident lawsuits in Spring, TX.
  • Slips and Falls: If you slipped and fell, you might have struck your head and suffered a brain injury. For example, you might have slipped on a banana peel at a grocery store. Perhaps you fell down a set of broken stairs at the Department of Motor Vehicles. These are all examples of potential “premise liability lawsuits.” You can sue the owners of properties and businesses for allowing your fall.
  • Negligent Security: If you were attacked by a violent individual at an establishment in the Spring, you can file a negligent security lawsuit. For example, a bar patron might have struck you over the head with a chair. If the bar has seen numerous violent incidents in the past, you could sue them for failing to implement proper security.
  • Product Liability: Your head injury might have been caused by a faulty or defective product. In this situation, you can sue the manufacturer.
  • Medical Malpractice: Some head injuries are caused by medical malpractice. For example, your infant child may have suffered brain asphyxia due to an error during labor.

What Damages Can I Claim in a TBI Lawsuit?

You can claim various damages in a TBI lawsuit. Your “economic damages” include all your various financial losses, such as medical expenses and missed wages.

“Non-economic” damages are usually quite extensive for severe TBI patients. Examples include depression, anxiety, emotional distress, pain & suffering, and so on. If your life has been irrevocably changed due to your brain injury, you deserve full compensation for your emotional and psychological burdens. A brain injury attorney in Spring, TX can help you fight for this type of compensation.

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