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At the Hernandez Law Firm, our assault and battery charges attorney in Conroe, Texas know that when any of our nearly 85,000 residents are charged with a serious crime, facing the unknown consequences can be overwhelming.

Our lead attorney, and Montgomery County criminal law firm founder, Jordan Hernandez, outlines the many levels of assault charges our clients can face and the corresponding consequences based on their criminal history — when applicable — and the conditions of the crime.

Our Conroe assault and battery charges lawyer will investigate the arrest, the evidence, and the charges the prosecutor’s office is seeking to counter the claims with a customized legal strategy for each client’s criminal case.

Do not wait until your court date to partner with an experienced assault and battery charges attorney in Conroe. Get ahead of your charges by contacting our skilled criminal defense lawyer today, so you are prepared for your first appearance, and can pursue the best outcome available for your unique case.

Assault And Battery Charges Lawyers

When Can Someone Be Charged with Assault & Battery in Conroe, Texas?

If you have been arrested by the Conroe Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff Department, or another Texas law enforcement agency and are facing assault and battery charges, the penalties can be significant, and remain on your permanent record going forward.

By definition, assault and battery are two different crimes in Texas that can be charged at different levels.

Assault is the act of threatening another person with bodily harm.

Battery is actual bodily contact that results in injury.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports the most common types of assault as:

  • Simple Assault: When a weapon was not used, and the resulting injuries were minor
  • Physical Assault: When there is severe bodily harm
  • Aggravated Assault: With the use of a weapon and/or an amount of increased force
  • Verbal Assault: When there is no physical contact, but emotional, mental, and/or psychological injuries are sustained
  • Sexual Assault: When someone attacks a victim against his or her will resulting in molestation, rape, sodomy, or another sexual offense

Each of these assault charges carries different penalties depending on whether they are classified as a misdemeanor or felony and can be compounded by pending charges under the same category or previous convictions.

Our Conroe assault and battery lawyer will review your charges and the evidence the prosecutor has collected before providing you with a full outline of your legal options and a proposed defense strategy, so you can make an informed decision regarding the outcome of your case.

What are the Legal Penalties for Assault & Battery in Conroe, Texas?

At the Hernandez Law Firm, our assault and battery lawyer in Conroe explains to each of clients that their criminal case is unique, based on several factors, including the conditions of the crime, the severity of the charges against them — including whether they are a misdemeanor or felony — and their criminal history.

The following penalties are not an exhaustive list and serve as a baseline for the listed crime.

To discuss your unique charges, and the specific penalties you may face, contact our experienced Conroe assault and battery attorney today.

What are the Penalties for Misdemeanor Assault Charges in Conroe, Texas?

Class C Misdemeanor Assault


  • Harms of threat, without injuries
  • Physical contact that is offensive or provocative

Penalties: Fines of up to $500

Class B Misdemeanor Assault (Specific to Sports)

Assaulting Action Against:  

  • Non-participant assaults a player, referee, or officials during the sporting event
  • In retaliation for player, referee, or official’s performance

Penalties: Up to six months in prison and up to $2,000 in fines

Class A Misdemeanor Assault

Assaulting Actions Against:

  • Any person if physical harm is present
  • An elderly or disabled person even if no physical harm was involved

Penalties: Up to one year in prison and up to $4,000 in fines

Our experienced criminal defense attorney in Conroe represents clients who have been charged with:

What are the Penalties for Felony Assault Charges in Conroe, Texas?

Third-Degree Felony Assault

Assaulting Actions Against:

  • Public servant
  • Security officer
  • Emergency services personnel
  • Government official or contractor

Penalties: Between two and ten years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines

Second-Degree Felony Assault

Assaulting Actions Against:

  • Judge
  • On-duty peace officer

Penalties: Between two and twenty years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines

Aggravated assault crimes can carry penalties of five years to life in prison when a conviction results in a first-degree felony.

If you have been charged with assault and battery at any level, contact our skilled criminal defense attorney in Conroe today to learn how we can build your case to produce the best outcome.

Leaving these charges to chance, or under the guidance of a court-appointed attorney, may result in a plea with the prosecutor’s office, or an outright conviction that you do not deserve.

Learn more about your complete legal defense rights and options by contacting the Hernandez Law Firm today for help.

What is the Difference Between Domestic Assault and Assault & Battery in Conroe, Texas?

Domestic violence and assault are specific charges that differ from assault based on the person who has been threatened or injured.

Those individuals may include:

  • Spouses or former spouses
  • Domestic partners
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Other family members

Domestic violence is often charged and punished more seriously than other assaults, depending on the facts of the case, and can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony.

Knowing the facts about your charges, and how the prosecutor will attempt to pursue your case can help you make informed decisions about your future. We can help ensure you are not facing the unknown but have all the legal information necessary to proceed in the direction that is best for your defense strategy.

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