What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

With a few simple steps, motorists can improve their chances of compensation after a car accident. Although the thought of legal action might seem daunting after a traumatic crash, a personal injury lawsuit might be the only way to cover your medical expenses, missed wages, and emotional distress. Rest assured that Texas law protects injured plaintiffs, and you have every right to hold negligent people accountable for your injuries. You can strive for positive results by taking these steps:

Car Accident

Step One: Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

The first step is simple and obvious: See a doctor. Even if you are not sure whether you suffered a legitimate injury, it is best to play it safe. Many plaintiffs are not even aware of their own injuries. For example, you might have experienced memory loss after a traumatic head injury. Perhaps you suffered a relatively light knock to the head. In these kinds of situations, you may develop an intracranial hemorrhage (brain bleed) without realizing it. The consequences of this injury can be fatal, and it’s best to undergo rigorous tests even if there is a slight chance of a head injury.

Seeking treatment makes sense from a healthcare perspective, but it is also important from a legal perspective. If you fail to get treatment, it becomes difficult to prove that your injuries are real. Your medical records represent important evidence in this regard. If you never see a doctor, your medical records will not contain any information about your injuries. With no medical records, insurers and defendants might then argue that your injuries are not serious, that they are pre-existing, or that they never existed at all.

Step Two: Gather Contact Information

The next step is to gather as much information as possible about your crash. Aside from your medical records, you might also collect contact information from people who witnessed your accident. Contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to assist with gathering evidence.

Step Three: Document Everything

As a general rule, you should document as much as possible in the aftermath of your car accident in Texas. You can start documenting your experiences immediately after your car accident. If you’re able, you can use your smartphone to capture images and videos from the crash scene. This might be especially helpful in hit-and-run accidents, and you can capture the license plates of fleeing drivers.

After you arrive in the emergency room, you can continue to document your experiences. Consider photographing your injuries as you receive treatment. You might also want to keep a written record documenting your feelings and thoughts during this difficult period. Journal entries can be used as evidence to demonstrate the extent of your non-economic damages. In personal injury cases, non-economic damages include PTSD, depression, anxiety, emotional distress, and similar issues. Non-economic damages can impact your total compensation, so it is worth documenting your feelings, fears, and trauma if possible.

Step Four: Consult with Injury Lawyers

Although the statute of limitations in Texas gives you two years to file your lawsuit, you should team up with an attorney as soon as possible. Evidence may become unreliable or lost within a few months of your accident. It is best to act quickly, and you can start by scheduling consultations with lawyers in your area.

During a consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and priorities with experienced personal injury lawyers. This initial meeting gives you a sense of their personality, legal strategies, and experience levels. You might choose to move forward with a lawyer after a single consultation. Alternatively, you might schedule consultations with multiple lawyers in Texas before choosing the one you feel most comfortable with.

Remember, everything you say during a consultation is strictly confidential. You can discuss your medical issues and other private matters confidently with a personal injury lawyer.

Step Five: Choose Hernandez Law Firm

Although there are many Texas car accident lawyers who can assist you, schedule your first consultation with Hernandez Law Firm today. We have extensive experience with car accident cases, and we can guide you toward obtaining the compensation you deserve. During our consultation, we can discuss the specifics of your accident, your injuries, and the most appropriate course of action. Call us now at 936-256-3115 to take the first step towards protecting your legal rights.

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